Saturday, January 24, 2009

why am I awake at 4AM?

I've been busy all week making lists, packing, buying new little things I'll need.  I went to bed last night ready to rest up and charge the batteries for a very busy few days ahead.  I'm going to CHA this morning and didn't have to get up until 6, a full 8 hours of rest was planned.  So here I am thinking maybe I can sneak in another hour if I get back in bed quickly.  No time for a nap today.  

Just in case somebody out there (hi Mary) doesn't know what CHA is, it's the Craft Hobby Association trade show.  I'm going with two hats this year.  I'll be there representing Scrapbook News and Review with a press pass and I'm working a bit for Fiskars to help pay the hotel bill.  Mostly, I'm hoping to learn new things, catch up with friends, see all the new releases, and just play for a few days amongst all things crafty.  I've got my camera batteries charged, gel insoles for my shoes, a cute new bag and sweater, and adorable business cards.  If you'll be at the show, stop by the Fiskars booth and say hi.  I'll be working a make and take Sunday afternoon and Monday morning.  

On a side note, today is my sweet hubby's birthday.  Stop by his blog and wish him a happy birthday if you have a minute.  He and Kyle are going down to look at the boat they are taking on their big 4 day fishing trip to Mexico this summer and are having a seafood lunch.  We had cake last night for an early celebration.

Thanks for all the sweet notes about my MIL.  It looks as though surgery is in her near future.

I'll be back home late monday night with stories and pictures.  I'm even bringing two cameras just in case I need a back up. 


runningonink said...

Have a wonderful time! I know that you will! Can't wait to hear all about CHA!

Jennifer E. said...

Can you pack me in your bags to CHA? I'd love to go with ya! Have a wonderful time and take lots, and lots, of pictures!

fromtheowlsnest said...

have fun and btw, I did stop by and wish your husband a happy birthday. Be sure to share your photos with us!

Whoopsie Daisy! said...

Hi Tami!

I'm sorry I missed meeting you on Sunday! I had a flight to catch and didn't get around to going back to the Fiskar's booth before I left. I'm also so sorry to hear about your MIL. Good thoughts being sent up right away.
~ Jane (aka whoopsie daisy)

Whoopsie Daisy! said...
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Genevieve said...

Haha! Busted. Had so much fun at the show (and you're still tired) so you haven't updated your blog either! (I'm guilty too) Had so much fun hanging with you. Hope you had a easy and safe drive home last night. We'll have to meet up again soon!

maddy hill said...

oh you lucky girl ! I am soooooo jealous ! ....
happy birthday too Tammi's hubby !

have a great time Tammi ! come back with some piccies wont you x

OldBagNewTricks said...

Hooray!! I hope you had the best time -- I hope that you learned much and met many many kindred spirits.

My thoughts are with your lovely MIL -- I have this magical wand that I wave for good measure... it's very powerful.

Bigs hugs and tell us all about CHA.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Might I add that you've ben tagged by me... it's fun and easy. Come see.