Monday, April 28, 2008


I like food. Not in a I'll eat anything way, but in an I like good food way. I'm not a vegetarian, vegan, or non-red meat eater. I've heard arguments for all of these things, and I find myself being in the "all things in moderation" camp. Recently I picked up a book at the library that has me really thinking about food in ways I never imagined. Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver is a very worthy read. I'm about 2/3 of the way through and find it in my hands daily.

It's a story about a family that chooses to grow and eat food from local sources for a year. It's a personal story including recipes that make my mouth water. It also tells the story of agriculture and how it has turned into agri-business in a massive way. Some of it is pretty scary stuff. It also talks about the high cost of transporting food, and not just in dollars, but in food value. I never really gave any thought to where my food comes from before.

I live in California where nearly everything is raised, made, or grown. Then why in the heck does the milk I buy every week come from Illinois. There are dairies within 50 miles of here. I read labels today at the grocery store in search of California products. It makes sense to me that I should keep my dollars in my state and that my food will be fresher if it's local. The added bonus of saving the earth is there, too. We can't afford to waste fuel transporting food from other countries and states when it's all available here. Can you believe that the closest made cheese came from Oregon? This is crazy. I did find California milk, but paid almost twice the amount that Illinois milk cost. I bought California tomatoes and passed up the ones from Mexico. California Strawberries and passed up South American bananas. San Francisco bread and passed up New Jersey bread. I can't wait until the seasonal farmers market starts again, so I will have more options.

I really think that our food supply is linked to our health problems. It seems everyone I know is touched by cancer. This was not the case in my great granparents' generation. They ate the food they grew and canned. Eggs and milk came from their chickens and cows. We don't all have the opportunity to grow our own food, but there are farmer's markets everywhere. Take a moment to visit yours and talk to the growers and support them. The only way our food supply will get better is if we demand it with the way we spend our dollars.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

a bit of ink

Here's a peek of what's been happening here creatively. These are all backgrounds that I made with ink, water, and saran wrap. I'm loving the new book I mentioned below. Not showing the whole thing because I'm using these for an article and for some class samples. I'm so excited that I may soon be teaching classes. When I have more info, I promise I'll dish. I just want to show you that I really am making something here.

I went out treasure hunting today with Mom. We had a grand time. I think she's going to be ready to go see ellen by May 8th. We are so excited. Do you watch ellen? We love her and I guess we had better practice our dance moves. Mom is a great dancer, so she doesn't have to worry at all. She used to win dance contests. I'm another story. My goal is to dance like noboby is watching. I don't know yet what date the show will air, but it's being filmed on the evening of the 8th, so I'm thinking on the 9th. We hope it's the Mother's Day show.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm still here

I haven't been posting much lately because I haven't been creating much. I thought I had a toothache a few weeks ago so went to the dentist who referred me to the endodontist who then referred me to my medical doctor. Of course all this referring takes alot of time while I'm still here with headaches and just generally not feeling myself. It turns out that I have a sinus infection which is really no big deal once you know it. I have some medicine and it's starting to work. Finally.

Guess who showed up muse. She is a finicky one. She doesn't come around when I'm sick, tired, stressed, or when the weather isn't just right. She also needs some chocolate, so I fed her raisinettes. She loves them because the raisins are good for you so she can justify the chocolate. I bought her a book last week that I found used at the library. It is a treasure of a book by Suze Weinberg called The Art of Rubber Stamping. If you love making backgrounds or are a technique addict, this one is worth the money. I love looking at techniques online, but have difficulty remembering them when I'm trying to re-create the look. I really love to snuggle up in my favorite chair and soak up a great book. This one delivers.

Ok, now I have one more thing to share with you that absolutely made my week. I got a phone call last night from NBC Studios...that's what my caller id showed. Hmmmm, maybe it's about those tickets we requested to see a show being taped. You see I have this favorite show that never fails to make me laugh. It is a show I watch with my son when we can. There is never anything negative on this show even though it comes on when all those ugly talk shows are on in the afternoon. I love to watch uplifting things. I think real life has enough negativity in it, so I don't invite that into my home. Mom and I are attending this one on May 8th. Sounds like a great way to start Mother's Day weekend. Can you guess who we are going to see?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

today is my blog-aversary

Happy one year of blogging to me! I never imagined how much fun could be had blogging and had no idea anyone would want to read about my life and my creative endeavors. Thanks to everyone who has visited, left a comment, and inspired me by your beautiful blogs and artwork.

As promised I did the blog candy drawing today, actually Kyle picked a number from 1-16, which is how many non-spam comments were left. He picked #9. Ally please send me an email with your mailing addy and I'll get the goodies in the mail tomorrow. My email addy is in my profile. Thanks to everyone who linked up Ethel's auction blog. The bidding is still open if you'd like to join in. The current highest bid for all 5 Longaberger baskets is $175, and all monies go to the Susan G. Komen race for the cure.

Thanks everyone for joining me on this crazy blog journey. I can't wait to see what the next year holds.

Friday, April 11, 2008


We are on spring break here this week. Of course we decided to spend some of our time at the happiest place on earth. Disney must employ the world's best gardeners. I always attempt to take some botanical photos there. This beauty was waiting for me near Tarzan's Tree House.

The guys are off on a manly desert camping trip, so I've been busy making cards and playing. I'm taking mom to a quilt show at the museum this afternoon. I hope you get a spring break, too.

Stop by Craft Critique if you get a chance today. I reviewed my fave mag...Cloth Paper Scissors.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


I have been busy these last couple of weeks doing a bit of spring cleaning. I'm clearing out the clutter in the house and the mind. Do you ever feel that life is trying very hard to teach you something? In different ways this year a theme keeps coming up and hitting me in the head... tolerance. I looked it up this morning and this is the definition that really defines this word best for me:

"Tolerance is respect, acceptance and appreciation of the rich diversity of our world's cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. Tolerance is harmony in difference." This definition comes from

Are we teaching this to our children? I've been told most of my life that children are just mean to each other somtimes. A sort of it's an innate thing with all children. Actually, I've found just the opposite to be true. Our children embrace difference unless we teach them otherwise. When we teach our children that our way of thinking or believing is the only way, we are teaching them intolerance.

As I was growing up, I had a huge variety of friends. My parents never ever excluded anyone based on their beliefs, family values, color of their skin, or country of origin. All of my friends and their friends were welcome in our home. I distinctly recall one of my very best friends telling me about her family's experiences with anti-semiticism. It was absolutely unbelievable to me and I thought my beautiful friend was not telling me the truth. I have since learned that hate takes many forms, sometimes ugly and readily apparent and sometimes hidden and disguised.

My child believes in many things. One of the things he believes is evolution, that does not mean he doesn't believe in God. We don't believe in organized religion, that doesn't make him a bad person. He is one of the most conscientious, fair-minded, kind, and moral kids you'd ever meet. He is being discriminated against because he has been dubbed a "non-believer" by parents of children he goes to school with. The children are only repeating the intolerance they are learning at home. Please teach your children about tolerance. The result of ignorance and intolerance is painful and devastating.