Monday, December 31, 2007

Goodbye 2007

I can't recall being so ready to say goodbye to one year and hello to the new year. Before I say goodbye, I'd like to reflect on some wonderful moments in 2007. We were able to enjoy some wonderful get-aways to the beach and Mammoth as a family. We took our pre-teen to his first concert, KISS, what a rock and roll show! Kyle went back to the classroom successfully after being home-schooled for two years. We got Mabel, our first little dog this year, and what a joy she is in our lives. Kyle and I enjoyed many days of Disney fun and he and his dad enjoyed many days of fishing and camping. Hubby and I got a wonderful get-away to Pacific Grove this fall, thanks Mom. It was a good year in so many ways. That's what I'll remember about this year, not the challenges and difficult moments.

On the craft front it was a good year. I was able to take a full day of classes with two very inspiring artists, Terry Medaris and Tim Holtz. I started my blog and my etsy shop this year, both of which exceeded my expectations. I joined Craft Critique as a feature reporter. And, I dipped my toe into the submissions waters. I swapped ideas and cards with so many friends. I can't tell you how much my blogging stamping crafty friends mean to me. You inspire me, support me, and help me laugh. Thank you.

Bring on 2008!

This card was made with alcohol inks on transparency over glossy white cardstock stamped with stazon and the SU turtle image. The tag was made with the same alcohol inks on glossy cardstock. I colored up the paperclip and brad with the same alcohol inks.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Playing with New Toys

I'm having fun with my new bind it all. I had to go by the scrapbook store yesterday for lessons. It's easier to use than I imagined, and I'm getting faster at it with practice. These are the tags I made a while back and they screamed out to be used with the new toy. I cut up some sketch paper for the inside. Each book has about 40 pages. The o rings on these are 5/8" if you are new to this toy, too. I think lining things up is the hardest part. I found that I can cut holes in several sheets of paper at once. It cuts through the cardstock easily, too. I do the covers opposite of how it says in the book. Just practice a bit and you'll get it. I'd love to see what you made with your new toys.

These are for sale in my etsy shop.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Peaceful Wishes

As we enter the last week of 2007, I'm ready to say hello to 2008. May the new year bring peace and hope and joy into your life.

I took this photo of the castle at Disneyland last week.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Candy Winner & Update on Mom

Congratulations to Margo (flyingflower) who is the winner of my blog candy. I used a random number generator that picked #4, and she left the fourth comment. Please let me know what goodie from the shop appeals to you and I'll get it in the mail after the holiday, Margo. Thanks to everyone for taking time to look at the shop and offer your thoughts on it. I'm hoping to spend some time after the holiday to update it a bit.

For those friends who are inquiring about my mom's health, I thank you so much for your concern and good thoughts. She is still struggling, but is hanging in there. The doctor told her yesterday that this awful acute phase of her illness will last about 6 months. It's a long time to be so ill, but she is hopeful that we can go out to dinner on her birthday in late June. I'm so happy she is holding onto something to look forward to. She reminded me this morning that the rest of the world takes all the little things for granted. She would give anything to stand up and walk somewhere in a hurry. So, as you are rushing around with last minute holiday preparations, remember to be thankful that you can do them. It really is the little things that matter.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

10,000 Hits Blog Candy

I really never thought I'd have very many people reading my blog. Today I am blown away to see that I just jumped up over 10,000 hits on this little blog. Maybe it's just 10 people who visit often....LOL. So, I think I'll do a little shameless self promotion blog candy. Take a peek at my etsy shop. I'd love to hear what you think is good or not good about it, or if you see something in the shop that strikes your fancy. Just leave a comment here with a way for me to get in touch with you. I'll leave it open until Dec. 20th. Then I'll draw one name from those who comment on this post to choose any item from my shop as the prize as long as it is still in the shop on Dec. 20th. Thanks for taking the time to peek in at my shop and for all the time you've spent visiting my blog.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Pattern Fun

I adore old patterns. I can't seem to pass them by when I'm out treasure hunting. Many of them find their way into my etsy shop. Recently I ran onto some that were incomplete, so I re-purposed them into these tags. It was a fun, sit in the chair, and sort of watch TV project. I think I like these old sewing things, because they take me back to my young days when all the women in my family got together and created beautiful things out of cloth. Actually, we still do that. My mom and aunt and sometimes my cousin and me will get together and shop for fabric and sew forever in an assembly line fashion. Just imagine dozens of nightgowns being stitched up. Such fun times with lots of giggling, sewing, and telling of stories. I usually get the easy jobs like ironing, sewing straight seams, or cutting out the pieces. I'm the novice in the group and sometimes even get the job of making sandwiches or getting sodas. I love it all, because it's about the time we spend together.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Snow Dogs

These girls don't like the rain, but they love the snow. They get out there and romp and snow plow. Poor little Mabel gets a cold belly pretty quickly. Shelly doesn't have much hair, so she gets chilly quick, too. I guess it's time to get their coats out of the closet. This is our first snow of the year. They are snuggled under a blanket by the fire now.

Mom is doing ok for those who asked. She will be ill for quite a long time, but is getting good care at home thanks to my dad and a visiting nurse. I am helping out with food and a little respite for dad as I can. We are hoping to visit later today when the roads are plowed to decorate their tree.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

How about some tags?

Still no cards, but I did work on some tags for an exchange next week. I stamped these a while ago, but did the aging and glitzing on them today. Now, I just need to find the cropadile in this mess to finish them up. These are all made with tags and cardstock that I picked up at a printer's estate sale back in October.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Still no cards....

I didn't fall off the face of the earth and my stamps are yelling at me, but I just can't help them right now. Mom is in a crazy roller coaster ride trying to get well. She spent most of last night in the ER getting her IV line cleared out and getting more treatment. I am in a bit of recovery mode myself today. My dermatologist wouldn't give me a pass this time, and took 3 places off my legs yesterday. One of them is a pretty big chunk out of the inside of my left knee. It's not in a good place as far as moving around goes. The stitches in that spot have been bleeding, so I know I'm not being still enough. So, I'm resting today, need to get to the recliner.

On a brighter note. Have you been reading Tim Holtz's blog? He's doing wonderful 12 days of Christmas tutorials. They are fabulous. I may have to make mine for Valentine's Day or Easter, but I'm gonna do them all as soon as life lets me. Also, I got an interesting request from a magazine today that wants to use something in my etsy shop for a photo shoot. Isn't that crazy? I'm waiting for more info. Life always surprises me in ways I just couldn't even guess.

And my dear sweet hubby brought me flowers and a thank you card for all I do for all of us. Isn't he the best. He told me that he didn't think anyone had thanked me lately and he wanted me to know how much he appreciates me. I think I'll keep him!I'm so glad he didn't bring me a puppy this time. Remember last time my life was a bit nuts he brought Mabel home. LOL

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Home Again

Mom has been home just over 24 hours, so I feel safe in posting this. Last time I posted too soon and she went right back. She seems more stable this time around. She was way too many days in the hospital--basically 2 full weeks. We are hopeful that she is on the road to recovery which is expected to take 3 - 12 months. The medication she is on is intravenous and is very caustic, so she's pretty pooped out from the illness and the meds. We are just happy she is home in her own bed with her own nightgown and all that good stuff. You know you've been in the hospital too much when you are happy to have soft kleenex and a feather pillow.

I came home this afternoon to a clean house, tree and lights up, and pizza. I love my guys for taking care of me. A nice long nap was good medicine. We are in a new kind of normal, but routine is good. Crisis mode is exhausting. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Ambulance Ride....

Another emergency room visit, another round of painful tests, and another hospital admission. It's not over yet. Mom was home just a few hours when things starting slipping again. After a very long day and night we are back on pins and needles. Our healthcare system is horribly broken.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Send Chocolate

How could I pass up this week's Gothic Arch theme...chocolate. I used a few different papers, lace, ribbon, rickrack, image and stamped the sentiment on fabric that I cut with my new pinking shears. Love those new scissors. I am happy to report that stazon stamps on fabric very well. I really love doing the gothic arch challenges, and hope to get on track with them every week. There is something so inspiring about the themes and this fun shape.

The best news of the day....Mom is home! yipppeeeeeeee

Monday, November 26, 2007


Trying to get creative, think of something witty to say, and it just isn't there. This has been an unbelievable time for me. A journey I never planned and didn't want to take. I'm sure some day I will look back on this and see that I learned something, grew from the experience, and something good came from it. Right now I'm just thankful that my mom has survived it all. I really wasn't sure she would.

Facing mortality is heavy duty work. Today is day 11 of hospitalization and I don't know when it will end. The recovery time for her is anywhere from 3 to 12 months. That's a long time to be sick. I spent yesterday doing some things in preparation for her return home.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Well, I have some lovely friends. I don't know what I'd do without them. Thank you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pay It Forward

I will send a handmade gift to the first 3 people who leave a comment on this post requesting to join this Pay it forward exchange. I don’t know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it next week, but you will receive it after the New Year. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog. So basically, if you comment, you’re on. I’ll send you something crafty that I’ll make for you.

Once you sign up, copy and paste the above paragraph on your blog, and three other lucky people will be recipients of your handmade work. I got mine from Kim here.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Creative Time

Hurray for a little creative time. I used this PSX stamp with dark brown ink on manilla colored cardstock. I then colored in a bit with prisma pencils. It's not even a card, just an image, but it felt good to have some creative time. I also got out and did a little shopping this morning at a boutique and the thrift shop, and got in a good workout. Ahhhhhhh

Mom is definitely on the mend. It will be a long recovery, but the sparkle is back in her eyes. We are so thankful that she may be well enough to leave the hospital next week. Thank you all for your kind words of comfort and support.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

So Thankful

Mom is finally showing a bit of improvement today. That's the best gift of all. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

And a little worse

Things with Mom have been going downhill since Monday night. We could all use some good thoughts sent her way.

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Bit Better

Mom is getting a bit stronger each day. It seems that there are some little complications every time we turn around. It's not easy to see my strong independent mom in need of so much care. I'm sure it's hard for her, too. I'll be happy when we can go out to lunch and hit our favorite treasure hunting spots again. We hope she can be home for Thanksgiving. That's a pic of us taking a break at Disney about a year ago.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Long Day

I just got home from a long day of ambulances and emergency rooms. My mom was admitted to the hospital tonight with pneumonia. Please keep her in your thoughts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I enjoyed a lovely card swap this morning with a wonderful new group of stampers. This was our second time meeting and first time swapping cards. Everyone did such a beautiful job on their fall themed cards. I'm so happy that we will be meeting monthly to share a bite of food, friendship, learn new techniques, and swap cards. It's been a couple of years since I've been in a local group for card swaps. I didn't realize how much I missed it.

I made cards like the one above for my contribution. The image is a retired psx stamp that I picked up last weekend at GeeGee's in Carlsbad. She has the most fantastic treasure of used stamps from trade-ins. Ooh, it's like Christmas looking through those drawers. My sweet cousin gave me the pretty brads on the cards along with some more yummy stamps. I used mahogony distress ink on this's my favorite color this week.

Since it's November and a time to give thanks, I thought about those things that bring joy to my life. Here are a few of the everyday pleasures that I'm so thankful for: a perfectly brewed cup of tea in the morning, a nice long walk with the pups crunching the leaves under our feet, the chatter of my son on the way home from school, A nice soft robe and squishy slippers, a good book that makes me giggle, and the hug at the end of a long day from my sweet hubby. What brings joy to your days?

Monday, November 12, 2007


I had so much fun with this week's gothic arch challenge using text. Since I missed the bird one last week, I added it in this week. The base of the arch is the back of an old postcard. I stamped sheet music off to the left with mahogony distress ink and the sentiment at the bottom with the same ink. The lace and pearl headed pin are vintage. I cut the rose from a vintage gift tag and the bird is a vintage playing card that I cut out. The crocheted doily was an RAK and the button is vintage, too. I am enjoying collage more and more with each attempt.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Going to see Shamu

We are off to San Diego for a couple of days. School just has to start soon, or I'll be too broke for Christmas...LOL. Well, I figured we should take advantage of our time off to play a bit. See you in a few days. That's Mabel taking a nap in her favorite place- my lap.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Feelin' the Love

I thought you all didn't love me anymore....kept peeking and seeing 0 comments. Well, I'm a nut. I forgot that I put on a moderate comments thing after the weirdo comment down below there somewhere about a revolution. Whatever that was about. So, now I moderated like I should, and look at the lovely comments. I thought you might enjoy a peek at our amazing sunset.

Did a bit of stamping today, too. Real basic stamping, but it's good to put ink on the stamps, and try to move toward the holiday spirit.
In other news, can you believe that our kids here on the mountain still are not back in school? This is the third week of no school due to the fires that are now out. The newest excuse is that the schools have to be professionally cleaned from smoke damage. Well, nobody professionally cleaned my house, and we are all fine and dandy here. I heard a rumor today that they may be out until Thanksgiving. I will be a bliterhing idiot by then.

Please, someone on the school board has to have some sense. So far I don't see that anyone cares much about our kids need to learn. I thought that's what it was about. Not that we have been declared a federal disaster area, so the school district gets all their ADA money and no days have to be made up, and our schools get cleaned by the feds. Geesh...what exactly are the priorities in our school district? Thanks for listening...I needed to shout that one out. I feel better now.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Happy November

I love November, so happy it has arrived. It means the beginning of the holiday season to me. I'm ready to start thinking about Christmas shopping, card making, cookie baking, and all that good stuff. Not ready to do it yet, but thinking about it makes me smile.

This fun card was made for a Stamp Shack challenge. Jan challenged us to use direct to paper with our ink pads to make a background. She recommends starting with the lightest color in the middle, then use the next lightest in 3 places in a triangular fashion around the middle color. Lastly pick a smaller inkpad and fill in the empty spots. I did a few cards for this, but this one is my favorite. Thanks for a fun technique, Jan.

About those Fiskateers I mentioned yesterday. Fiskars has a wonderful setup for crafters that is celebrating it's one year anniversary this weekend. There are crafty women from all over the world who are Fiskateers. If you love Fiskars products, you can request to become a Fiskateer. I joined in about 8 months ago when I met Cheryl, one of the lead Fiskateers, at an event at the local scrap store. I think Fiskar scissors are amazing, and that's why I joined. Most of the ladies in the group are scrapbookers, but there are stampers and seamstresses as well. There is a message board, gallery, challenges, monthly swaps, and some prizes along the way. I've found it to be a fun group with no drama, which is a big deal to me.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Disney Fun

We had a wonderful little getaway to Disneyland. Here are a few pics....I especially love the one of Kyle. The guy next to him is a part of the Disney Dreamteam. We were waiting for the parade, hungry, tired, and a little grouchy...until this guy showed up. He cheered us right up! The Haunted Mansion was all decked out in The Nightmare before Christmas and that's the hearse parked in front. It really captures the new sinister and sweet thing for Halloween.
The pic of me is taken over at what used to be called Tom Sawyer Island. It's now a whole pirates lair thing, and so fun. Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. So glad we went.

A Fiskateer Project

I made this fun gift card holder and tag for a top secret Fiskateer project. The cat's out of the bag now, so I can share it here. I enjoyed doing a little stitching on these little goodies. It was quite a challenge, since I had to make these while I was evacuated.

I used Mom's scrapbooking supplies. I'm so glad I had shared this paper and some primas with her, so I could steal them back to use. Also, happy she asked me to help her buy some ink to do a little distressing. Of course, the stitching part is easy at her house. There are several machines to choose from.

The pocket measures 3" x 4 1/2", and the tag measures 2 1/2" x 4". This was made to hold a coffee house gift card. My favorite part is the rickrack that I tucked in between the layers that is peeking out. The top of the front part of the pocket is punched out with the top of a tag punch.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My muse is back

She just needed to know we were going to Disneyland, and there she was ready to stamp. These are children's wooden dominos all stamped with staz-on ink in timber brown. I wish I had more of these to play with. I think they might turn into pins, but I'm up for suggestions. I imagine some will be gifts and some will find their way to my etsy shop. Santa is going to have to stay here with me, though. It felt good to get creative.

We are going to Disneyland

Kyle and I had plans to go to Disneyland tomorrow since it was a teacher work day. We changed our plans a bit since there is no school all this week. We have reservations for Thursday night to stay at a Disney hotel, so we will go on Thus & Fri to see Mickey. It will be nice to get away even though we just got home. I know it sounds crazy, but I think it will be good to see fantasyland for a while.

Just a bit of stamping

I am trying to get the stamping bug back, but it's slow going. Here is some real basic stamping just to get ink on the stamps.

Too much sadness around here. Yesterday there were two families in the post office while I was there who had lost everything. It's very humbling.

On a much lighter note. Ellen made me laugh out loud yesterday. Do you watch her show? I hardly ever remember, since that's usually a busy time of the day around here. But, with school out all week, I watched her yesterday. She had Obama on her show and in the opening she did this whole thing about politics. She said she doesn't really follow them much, she likes her politics like she likes her men. Isn't that hilarious. I had tears rolling from laughing so hard. Later in the opening she did a thing about how she's had 3 democratic candidates on her show now, but none of the republicans have accepted her invitation. So, she is offering a basket of Halloween candy as an incentive. She said there are snickers, red vines, and all the good candy in there, but she took out the Mike and Ike's because she knows they don't like things like that. Hilarious....maybe it's on a clip on youtube by now. It's probably funnier if you actually watch it. It made my day a little happier. Thanks Ellen.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Honey, I'm Home

The evacuation orders were lifted at noon today. We waited a bit for the rush to die down. Got home this evening. Ah, it feels so good to be here. Back to creative postings tomorrow, I promise.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

We went home briefly today

It was a good day. Today we got to go home unofficially for a brief period of time this afternoon. It was so nice to check on everything and be sure it's all ok. The frogs needed tending and the pond was low. Everything else looked great. It even rained a bit before we left. We are hoping to get home by Monday. I was able to get all my etsy orders together to ship out and even did a little stamping before we left. I hope your weekend is going well, too.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire Sale in my Etsy Shop

I decided to have a sale in my etsy shop. All items listed in September are free shipping this week. Since I can't list anything new there, might as well have a sale.

We are doing fine here and it looks like the firefighters are getting a handle on one of the mountain fires. Some residents at lower elevations are able to go home today. Not yet for us, but that's good news for them.

We are heading down to Laguna today to see the Pageant of the Monsters. We bought tickets about a month ago, and so glad I brought them with us. It's a walk through hauted house set put on by the Laguna Arts Festival. They do wonders with sets, costumes, and make up. It should be a fun time. Will probably get a bite of fish for supper, too. All in all a good day here.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 4 of Evacuation

Well, it doesn't look like we are going home anytime soon. The fires are still burning out of control. Our home is there and doesn't look like that will change. People are getting a little nutsy to go back home, and I do understand that feeling. We are still staying with my parents, since they are so close to the mountain. When things change, we will be able to get home faster if we stay here. You can't even imagine how chaotic it was to get home after the fires 4 years ago.

So, we are just resting a bit today, which seems silly since we haven't done much this week. The waiting, worrying, and wondering is very tiresome. We have it much better than most. I am thankful that I don't have to stay in an evacuation center, that our dogs are here with us, and that we have a home to return to. The smoke in the air is much lighter today, so I actually went outside this morning. It's nice to get out and see some sunshine. Mom and I are going to a craft sale later today.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Trying for a bit of normalcy

We are still evacuated and the fires are still burning out of control. Today we are trying to have some normal life, because I just can't take this crisis mode again today. So, I'm taking Kyle to the doc this morning for routine stuff and we are going out to lunch at our favorite BBQ place. This afternoon, I'm getting my hair cut and my mom is taking Kyle to a spooky gingerbread house decorating class at Michael's.

Hubby will be off work for 4 days starting tomorrow and no school until further notice. We are talking about going to a hotel for a bit to get out from underfoot here. With nearly a million people evacuated on So. Cal, that may be a pipe dream. I don't know if there are any hotel rooms available, and don't know where the air would be any better. Maybe the desert is the place to go.

We got good news late yesterday that 3 friends homes that were in the fire areas have been saved. There are many more we don't know about. Our home is still standing as is our neighborhood. We are still in danger, but so far so good. So, I'm going to live a bit in denial today and see if I can't get away from the news for a few hours. Thanks everyone for your well wished, prayers, and concern. It really helps.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update #3

This morning brings more bad fire news all over our area. Our home is ok for now, but the slide fire is heading our way without any air support to stop it. We live in Crest Park which is just south of Lake Arrowhead and just north of Rim of the World H.S. Just in case you are watching the fires, that gives you a good idea of where we are. Thanks to everyone who is thinking of us. We are safely away from the area, but watching closely. This is a link to a local website that updates as best they can what is happening in our area.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Update #2

When the second fire on the mountain started about 8am this morning, we started packing up the car. We were getting inundated with smoke and the roads were closing all over. We voluntarily evacuated about 10am. We are now safely off the mountain staying with my parents for a while. We just saw reports and video of homes burning in Lake Arrowhead. Traffic was bad when we left, I can't imagine what it's like now. Praying that everyone stays safe.

Fire Update

We are all ok here. It seems like all of Southern California is on fire. A fire started this morning on the back side of Lake Arrowhead, not far from Kyle's school. School is cancelled today and friends in that area are being evacuated. We are on the other side of the lake, near Rim of the World High School. The car is packed and we are ready to leave if needed. Don't worry about us, we won't wait until the last minute. Hoping all my So. Cal. friends are safe today.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Otter Know...

I want to win. We are playing a silly game over at the stamp shack called survivor. Each day there will be an elimination statement like...if you used pink ribbon you are out. So each day people get eliminated from the game, sort of like musical chairs for cards. Anyhow, this silly thing is my entry. I picked up this adorable otter for $2 at a stamp convention early this year. It's made by Ink Blocks. The sentiment is an unmounted from who knows what company. I used distress inks and a vintage dictionary page. It's fun to make a card for no particular reason that just makes you grin.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Adorable Little Al

Isn't this just the most wonderful little stamp. This was a special release by JustJohanna for World Cardmaking Day. I was so very lucky to win this adorable stamp through Just Johanna's Design Team challenges. Kerry sponsored the challenge that I won with my Earth Elements card a few posts back. I tried a stamp shack challenge with this card by masking off areas of the paper with post it notes in a grid shape. The only thing I'd do differently is use a colored pencil lighter than my background ink to lay out the grid. I can't get the pencil marks off that I used to lay out the grid. I used broken china and charcoal grey inks on this along with some markers. The background stamps are by Stampendous and Penny Black.

Did you notice the pink background on my blog? It's in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Don't forget your mammograms ladies.

A little art therapy is a good thing. Hubby is home today and we are enjoying some quiet creative time after going out to breakfast. Thanks for the support yesterday. Some days are just rotten to help us appreciate the good ones, I guess.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

No title fits this post

Some days it isn't easy being married to a police officer. Most days I go along in blissful denial doing my crafty thing, trucking the kiddo back and forth to school, and keeping the house running. Then, on days like today the phone rings too early in the morning, and I know it's not good news. Fortunately it was my hubby's voice on the other end letting me know that he is ok. It was an officer from the agency they were serving search warrants with this morning who was shot in the head. That's all that I know, because I refuse to watch the news on days like this. I don't know if it's a male or female officer, young or old, kids and spouse or single. All of that really doesn't matter, it matters that a good officer was shot today protecting his community. His or her family raced to the hospital this morning praying for a miracle. The job is a thankless one most days, but they get up every day and do it again for all of us. We don't think about the sacrifices they make, the pain they see, and the grief they go through. We're just glad that we feel safe in our homes and that they come when we need them. We have 8 years and 3 months until retirement, and then I won't have to worry when the phone rings. I'm ready for that.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Blog Action Day

I'm squeaking in here in the last hour of blog action day. This is a day set aside to recognize our environment. So what am I doing to save the earth? Well, I'm an avid recycler and not just in the sense that I use the blue recycling barrels every week. Truly, I am a thrift shop maven. I believe that one woman's trash is another woman's treasure. I don't see the point in buying new things with packaging unless it's undies or shoes. All the rest are available if you have vision and are willing to dig through the junk. I hit the thrift shops at least twice a week. It's not a huge thing, but I enjoy it. It's my way of doing the three R's-- recycle, reuse, and repurpose.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two More Stamptoberfest Cards

Yesterday was the last day of stamptoberfest at 2peas. It was such a fun time of challenges. I'll be drawing a winner later this morning for my music challenge. You need to go check out the stamping gallery at 2peas to see all the amazing entries this week. Anything with SOF at the beginning of the title is a part of the challenges.

I made this one for two challenges. One was for stamping on ribbon and the other was for a lumiere resist technique. I stamped on the ribbon with staz-on and am reasonably happy with the results. If you want to try the lumiere technique, check out Jan's tutorial. I used halo blue gold lumiere and brilliance peacock ink for this card. The turtle stamp is retired SU, and I thought he looked pretty good on this ocean-like background.

This card is for a vintage, shabby chic challenge where I had to include certain elements in the card to qualify. The requirements are for at least one piece of lace, one stamped image, one distressing technique, and one piece of vintage ephemera. For the ephemera I used the back of an old postcard and an old button. There is some sanding, distress ink, script images, and a piece of old lace along with a printed image.

I love challenges like Stamptoberfest that really ask me to stretch my limits and try new things. I think some of my best work comes out of challenges like these.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fall Leaf

This is a complete case of a card in Papercrafts magazine that I made in a new card club this week. I love the rich fall colors in this. The papers, stitch stamp, and ribbon are all CTMH. It measures 6" x 6".

Friday, October 12, 2007

A Project and Recommendations

I had so much fun making this little band-aid tin. It started out as a white metal tin from provocraft. After alot of alcohol inks that included red pepper, wild plum, cranberry, pearl mixative and blending solution this is what it looks like. I added some flowers, a glass bead, and some fibers for texture. The metal embellishment came from a swap over at Fiskateers. It has just the right words for the recipient of this little box. I hope it arrives today. It is filled with some ATC's from a whole group of talented women.

Now for a recommendation. I am reading an amazing book called Rubber Stamping Artist Trading Cards. It's a TweetyJill Publication, published this year that I ordered from the library on a whim, and am so happy that I did. It has pics and directions for over 500 ATC's by a variety of artists. There is a one page summary of the history of ATC's which is fascinating. Then, there are all the stamping tips. It covers all of the latest inks, paints, techniques, and tools. I'm completely enamored by this book.

And one more thing you need to check out. I was shopping around etsy this morning and found Morning Glory Designs, the most amazing shop. Actually, it's the shop owner that is amazing. Willie is battling cancer and is teaching beading to others going through chemotherapy. She sells jewelry in her shop in order to buy supplies for her free classes she gives to these brave women who are battling the cancer beast. Please stop by her shop and see if there is something you can purchase to show your support for her amazing selflessness. I started my Christmas shopping there today.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Making Memories Rocks

You may recall that I did a review last month of the new making memories cutter for Craft Critique. I'm so glad I did, because several people complained about problems with theirs. Mine is working fine, but the ruler had come apart from the magnet. They have a form that you can fill out online for defective products. I filled out the form. I just received a package today with a new magnetic ruler and some adorable Halloween tags and thank you rub-ons. This is a company that knows how to take care of business. If you have any problems with making memories products, I urge you to take a moment to contact them.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Paint & Gothic Arch Challenge

I had to cave and combine a challenge tonight. There are just too many wonderful challenges out this weekend. This is for Julie's use paint challenge and Gothic Arch flower challenge. Lilacs are my absolute favorite flower. If you add in a few fragrant roses, then it's just heaven on earth. I stamped this Great Impressions lilac with versamark and embossed with clear embossing powder. Then I got out my twinkling H2O paints and got busy with the paint brush. I masked off a bit and sprayed some ink. Then that wasn't enough, so I got out the heat and stick powder and dazzling diamonds glitter. The ribbon says it all. Thanks for the great challenges Julie and Godelieve.

Earth Elements Challenge

I gave it a shot to try Kerry's challenge over at the stamping bug. She wanted us to do a card with the elements of earth, water, wind, and fire. Well, it took me a while to get the group Earth Wind and Fire out of my head to create! Each of the circles is stamped and represents one of the elements. I thought the saying worked with the theme and the rest of the goodies are there for texture and interest. I used a piece of my new Stella Ruby BG's so yummy. Thanks so much for an amazing challenge, Kerry.

Recycled Card Challenge

This was such a fun challenge from Kim over at Running on Ink. I really lucked out that while we were staying in our hotel this week I noticed this cute little scalloped round paper thingie. It was a coaster under the coffee cups in our room. Of course I didn't see the light until the last day, or I'd have a pile of them. I stamped this new fishie stamp with Nick Bantock inks by Ranger on the coaster. I first inked him up with yellow and then smudged some blue over it. He looks very tropical to me. I used a SU fishnet background stamp behind him and this cool net looking ribbon I picked up at the LSS. The tag is clipped on with a paper clip. Thanks for the challenge, Kim.

World Cardmaking Day Challenges

So many challenges and so few hours. Well, I got 5 things finished for the festivities last night. Here are the first three that I did for challenges over at 2peas. The challenges there are going on all week long with lots of prizes up for grabs. I'm hosting one, too. Stop by and check them out.

The tag is for a challenge to make something with fall leaves and I chose to stamp some and add a few pressed leaves. I used a memories mist spray on this tag and masked some leaves. The sentiment is from the dollar bin at Michael's.

The cheery flower card is for a challenge to repurpose a stamp for another use. Can you guess what the flower stems are? They are meant to be something else, but by adding the hero arts flowers they sort of look like flower stems. The ink smeared a bit, but oh well, I'm on a mission to complete the challenges, can't stop now!

The third card is for a challenge to use birds on a card. I have been meaning to use this owl stamp forever. I love him stamped with my new Nick Bantock grey ink. It feels a little like Halloween too.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Home Sweet Home

There really is nothing like getting away for a while, except returning home. We had a lovely trip up to the central coast. I enjoyed spending my days as I pleased and my evenings with my hubby after his classes. We even got over to the beach for a picnic lunch one day. The weather was gorgeous and the seafood was yummy. I don't think there was a bit of space left in the car after all my treasure hunting. I got in a few afternoon cups of tea and alot of shopping and visiting with family and friends.

I'm home just in time for world cardmaking day. I love that! Gotta clear off my work table now that I have a huge list of challenges to play with. I also have some new inks and stamps and paper for my play time. I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day dedicated to card making.

Friday, September 28, 2007

No Art Today

Just popping in to let you know I'll be gone for a week. Hubby is sweeping me away to beautiful Pacific Grove, CA. He has a work training there and I'm tagging along. Thanks for coming up to watch the young man so we can go, Mom. I've been busy finishing up swaps, doing my etsy thing, trying to clean up this pit of a craft room, and helping the kiddo with school stuff. We are doing home study for math and that takes up some of my time and then I had to meet with teachers this week to be sure it's all going ok and it is.

When I get back it will be at the end of World Cardmaking Day and there are tons of activities going on. Over at Stamptoberfest on 2peas, I'll be hosting a "Music Challenge" on Sunday, Oct. 7th. You'll need some sheet music, either vintage or off the net to complete the challenge. There is a gorgeous Stampington Stamp up for grabs in a drawing for all who complete the challenge and post in the gallery at 2peas by Oct. 13th. That's a pic of the new stamp up for grabs for all who play in the challenge. Oh, and I sold a pile of cards this morning, so I have play money for the trip, too.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. I won't be here next week to post these ATC's, so I'm sharing them today. I'm hosting a swap with this theme. My ATC's are made from this fabric that I quilted last month. I cut it up and added a diecut ribbon made from sparkly felt. I stamped the word hope on the bottom with brown staz-on ink. The little rhinestone represents hope...that sparkly shiny thing that sits out there pulling for those who are facing the cancer demon. I think hope is one of the most important things when facing cancer.

I am fortunate that my breast biopsy last year was benign. I have friends who are not so lucky. I am a 4 year melanoma survivor and do understand the value of hope and of friends and family who make it easier to face the rough days. Take a moment today to do something for a friend facing cancer or for their family. If you don't know anyone, then that's a little miracle in itself to be thankful for. There are so many wonderful products available right now with pink ribbons that support breast cancer research. Here is a shop where you can buy online. Call your doc and schedule your mammogram, remind you girlfriends and family to do the same. Do something to make a difference today.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Halloween Tags

I made these for a swap I'm hosting at the stamp shack where each image comes from a different swapper. Everyone will get 6 items made with their own images by different artists when it's all done. I decided to make tags with an extra challenge of using the same cardstock for this diverse set of images. I will include some waxed black twine with each tag to attach them. This is one of my favorite types of swaps. I'm always amazed at what everyone does with the images.

I used markers to color most of these images. You will also see some googly eyes, distress ink, ribbons, and a cardstock sticker. The printed card stock is by My Mind's Eye -tres jolie. I've seen some of the other swapper's items already and there are cards and treat bags in the mix of items. I think I'll have to host one for Valentine images soon, since I'm taking a break from swapping for the holidays.

GA Challenge--Fall Apples

The new gothic arch challenge this week is Fall/Autumn. I always think of going apple picking and quilts in the fall. This combines them both. I stitched down some fabric scraps and vintage trims. Topped it off with a button and an applique of an apple basket. There really isn't a thing gothic about my arch, but it does represent fall to me.

Welcome Fall

Happy first full day of fall. It definitely feels like fall here today. I keep thinking of going to the apple orchards and going out for apple dumplings and fresh cider at the little restaurant near the orchards. Since I can't talk my family into going today, I made these cards. I won a whole package of goodies from Papercrafts Magazine and this paper and stickers by Flair Designs was in the pack. It's really some wonderful stuff if you want anything at all with a food theme. The apple label is cut out of a 12" x 12" sheet with lots of labels and the tag is a sticker. The background paper is also by the same company. I included some pressed leaves in the design, too. Not a bit of stamping today. The colors are a little off, but you get the idea. The sketch design for these cards is from a Stamp-Shack challenge this week.