Wednesday, July 8, 2009

collections and a winner

Be still my heart; I've found many fellow button collecting blog friends. I thank each and every one of you who shared your beautiful stories about button jars and tins and stringing buttons and your grandma's collections of buttons and your button treasure hunting expeditions. There are so many memories tied to buttons. I was amazed at the other wonderful things everyone collects. Here's a quick list I made of the things collected, while browsing through all of your beautiful comments.

bells, beanie babies, buttons, button pins, currency, Dopey, dust, elephants, humming birds, jewelry, old love letters, paper, penguins, pretty rocks, ribbon, rubber stamps, seashells, tea cups and teapots, vintage junk

I must admit that I also collect dust, pretty rocks, rubber stamps, and vintage junk. This blog hop was so much fun for me. I really enjoyed visiting everyone's blog and reading all the kind comments left for me. Thank you to everyone who played along in the hop. I hope you found as much inspiration as I did. We had a wonderful holiday weekend filled with bbq, fireworks, games, and some rockin' 80's live music.

Congratulations to Beth on winning the one month subscription to SNR. We're getting her all set up to access the magazine. The newest issue was published on Sunday, chock full of amazing ideas and inspiration. Don't forget, we've got a big event coming up on Saturday with classes on wonderful techniques and projects.