Friday, May 23, 2008

I am a pig

Truly in many senses of the word. I am a completely messy person at my very core. I married a man who is a bit of a neat freak. It doesn't have to be clean, but he doesn't like clutter. If I don't keep things picked up, he does. The exception is my craft room. It's truly my room except the family computer lives here. He has to come in here to use the computer, so occasionally I really look at the mess and feel bad for the guy. These photos were taken after about 30 minutes of clearing the left side of my stamping table. I spent over 2 hours on my mess yesterday and it's still not finished.

My family of origin completely gave up on me. Just shut the door they would say. I always had a pile of dirty laundry, books, and heaven knows what in my room as a kid. My mom tells the story of a half-eaten sandwich way past it's prime that she found in my sock drawer. I believe her. The funny thing is that I'm paying for all of my messiness. My almost teen son has inherited my messy nature. I occasionally sneak into his hovel when he is at school to remove science experiments and dirty dishes. Oh, what a mess. There were ants in his closet recently...ewww!

I am a pig in another sense. I can't pass up a fantastic yard sale or thrift shop bargain. I want it all! Today officially kicks off yard sale season here on the mountain. There will be a few pre-sales today. Tomorrow Mom will come up for the day for our annual yard sale mania. We start with chocolate donuts and the yard sale map and see what happens. The church in my neighborhood is having a sale starting at 8am tomorrow. That's where we will start.

I'll try to finish cleaning up all this mess today, so I have room for more stuff tomorrow! I surely don't need anything, but you can see I'm piggish, so I'm sure to find something. Here is the rest of my messy room:


Heather Grow said...

Oink Oink Tami. Just kidding, my space is at least as bad as yours. I think this weekend is a wash for garage sales for me. It's windy and rainy.

Kim H. said...

Here an oink there an oink everywhere an oink! My studio looks a lot like yours! LOL! So oink oink I am in good company! I plan to do some cleaning on it this weekend!

Karen said...

Thank you so much for your confession!!!! I always feel so much better about my own chronic clutter when I hear/read about others! :>:> lol

Thanh said...

Oh my heck... Im like your husband, Tami... a neat freak! Yowser, I love you to bits and pieces but want to head on over right there and clean it the heck up! I hope your next post shows your room in the state of before creating so I am able to see your "organization" and get a few ideas LOL

Beth Norman said...

Funny thing, today I was cleaning my studio--again, and thought, "the next question I'm posing to my readers is "does everyone clean their studio as often as me." Now I'm here, and have my answer. Hope you dig your way out.

maddy hill said...

OH MY LORD !!!! you so can come and stay at my house and craft - you will so feel at home lol ...It took me two days to clean my craft room !
I think its cos i like to see things out for inspiration , if ifs hidden way i'l forget about it lol
good luck with your cleaning lol ..