Sunday, June 22, 2008

silly stamp mania

You know it's true, housework does make you ugly. That being said, my craft space is still clean. I actually cleaned up after each project. I must be getting uglier by the minute...LOL! I even cleaned out Kyle's craft supplies and my card stash. I sent of 45 cards to Cards for Heroes and put together some sets of cards for gifts.

The guys got home from fishing last night and added a ton to our freezer. I love that. Poor Kyle's feet are blistered from sunburn. I feel so bad for him. We are going rafting next week on the Kern River. I've got to get him well before then. He can't even wear shoes right now. We are doing motrin, aloe vera, and hydrocortisone cream per the Mayo clinic online recommendations. I also have him resting with his feet elevated because they are so swollen.


Kim H. said...

te he he! I love that saying- since I hate housework! Cute card!

Oh no, poor Kyle! Sounds like you are taking good care of him!

Hope that you have a wonderful rafting!

Sue McGettigan said...

ROFL - that's why I DON'T do housework :)