Wednesday, July 23, 2008

another button bracelet

Still having fun playing in the button jars. I made this last night while dinner was in the oven. I wear alot of denim and green, so this works for me. I think a fancy black and ivory bracelet is up next, but then there is a Christmas theme rolling around in my mind. I'd love to hear your button stories.

I'm a bit busy with re-decorating and painting the kiddo's room. We are moving from a fishing/campy type theme to a more skater/tropical thing. It all started with needing a bigger bed for this tall lanky kid that is pushing 6'. Of course we found some Quicksilver bedding that costs an arm and a leg. It doesn't match the green walls, so that means we are painting blue with tan accents now. Then we have to clean the carpets while the room is empty and then... You know how it goes, once you start a project it keeps getting bigger.


Kim H. said...

Another super cool bracelet! Have fun with redoing the kiddo room! Lots of work but fun!

OldBagNewTricks said...

You are delightedly on a button bracelet roll! My button story is all about button broaches... I make them and make them and make them some more.

Good luck with that re-decorating project -- when I did my last teen bedroom I had to wait till he went out of town, as in, "Don't touch my stuff!"

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Dear Tami,
Its your old friend from down the street....not sure how much info to give so I am being covert....maybe the misspelled words will give me up....I found your blog by accident.....and love your stuff! The button bracelets are something I have yet to see and are really cool. I am not sure how to get a hold of you except I will come back soon see more stuff.