Friday, July 25, 2008

wanna see something really scary?

Remember that scene from The Twilight Zone movie? It's not quite that bad, but very close. First the background. I have a really artsy crafty family. I got my first sewing machine when I was in Kindergarten. "I could make that" is the anthem for my family. We don't always follow through, but there is a certainty that we could make it if we wanted to. The amount of craft supplies in our homes is nearly frightening.

After I quit working full time about 7 years ago, one of my friends invited me to luncheon with her card making group. They were all certain that I could make cards and should join in on their monthly card swaps. I had never really created with paper other than cut and paste in school. I liked to paint and sew, but paper just wasn't something I did. So, I joined. I bought a few stamps and ink and some paper and here is the first card I made for our fall swap. Are you ready?

I told you it was scary. Yes, that is a piece of a bag that some produce came in. No sense of composition, no style, no class. I'm so glad I saved one and I have a sneaking suspicion that others in the group did too. I mean who would you send it to? Can you believe that I still stamp and swap with some of those ladies. I'm amazed they didn't throw me out. I'm so glad they took me in and taught me how to stamp. I plan to take this card to my upcoming stamping classes. I think it will be funny to show my students where this journey started for me. How did your creative journey begin?


Kim H. said...

Oh this card is great! It is so fun to see how far we have some in our art journeys! My Gram got me a set of alphabet stamps that had faces and arms and legs...when I was 12 years old! That really started my art journey! I think that is why I LOVE alphabets sets! I continue and continue to buy them...LOL!

OldBagNewTricks said...

Tammi, you are the bravest woman ever! I tend to dispose of usch evidence -- of which there is much. As for the use of a produce bag -- isn't that the aspect that shows promise?