Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm still here

I haven't been posting much lately because I haven't been creating much. I thought I had a toothache a few weeks ago so went to the dentist who referred me to the endodontist who then referred me to my medical doctor. Of course all this referring takes alot of time while I'm still here with headaches and just generally not feeling myself. It turns out that I have a sinus infection which is really no big deal once you know it. I have some medicine and it's starting to work. Finally.

Guess who showed up muse. She is a finicky one. She doesn't come around when I'm sick, tired, stressed, or when the weather isn't just right. She also needs some chocolate, so I fed her raisinettes. She loves them because the raisins are good for you so she can justify the chocolate. I bought her a book last week that I found used at the library. It is a treasure of a book by Suze Weinberg called The Art of Rubber Stamping. If you love making backgrounds or are a technique addict, this one is worth the money. I love looking at techniques online, but have difficulty remembering them when I'm trying to re-create the look. I really love to snuggle up in my favorite chair and soak up a great book. This one delivers.

Ok, now I have one more thing to share with you that absolutely made my week. I got a phone call last night from NBC Studios...that's what my caller id showed. Hmmmm, maybe it's about those tickets we requested to see a show being taped. You see I have this favorite show that never fails to make me laugh. It is a show I watch with my son when we can. There is never anything negative on this show even though it comes on when all those ugly talk shows are on in the afternoon. I love to watch uplifting things. I think real life has enough negativity in it, so I don't invite that into my home. Mom and I are attending this one on May 8th. Sounds like a great way to start Mother's Day weekend. Can you guess who we are going to see?


Kim H. said...

Tami, so glad to hear that you are finally feeling better! Each time my teeth hurt I know it is my sinus!

The books sounds fun! I will look for it at the library!

I am dieing to know what show you are going to watch being taped???

Miss you!

Jennifer said...

Hi Tami,

You do the most fun things with your son. I'm eager to know what show you will see taped.

This is just an off the wall guess...could it be ELLEN?

Have fun! You are right! That sounds like a great way to spend mother's day.

Jennifer :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Good to hear you are getting that pain under control. Shame it took so long to find out it was a Sinus infection.
Look forward to finding out what show you are going to.

Ethel Amutan said...

Tami, By the time you read this, I hope you are feeling lots better. I hate sinus infections. I can't imagine who you will be watching. Hmmmmmm..........

Thanks for recommending the Suze Weinberg book. I think I will have to investigate. Feel better soon, my friend!