Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I should buy a lottery ticket

I'm having one of those days where it all goes right. I think it's because I cleaned up my pit of a craft room yesterday...got a little good mojo going. I woke up this morning and created some pretty cards that I'll post later.

I was nominated 3 times for a the rockin'girl blogger thing and once for the nice matters award. Thanks Lesa, Heather, Donna, and Kim. I think you are all rockin nice bloggers.

I went to see my amazing chiropractor today. I would marry him if I wasn't already married to mr. wonderful. After all the activity on vacation and then the moving of furniture for new carpet and then the sewing of curtains and re-upholstering chairs...I really needed it. My back sounded like a bowl of rice crispies on steroids.

At the post office I finally got my Stamper's Sampler mags. I subscribed back in February, but never got one. After a phone call to some very nice folks there, they sent me a pile of back issues. I also got the last set of images for a swap I'm hosting, so I can swap that out tonight.

At the library I found the sequel to the best book I've read lately. You just have to read Women of the Silk by Gail Tsukiyama. It's a beautifully written book about women who worked in the silk factories in China in the 1930's.

I won 3 sets of blog candy in the last couple of days. One set is for a friend. The other two are coming my way. Wow! Thank you Deborah, Penny, and Glitterangel. So, I nominate all three of you generous ladies for both the nice matters award and the rockin' girl blogger award. Holy smokes does it get any better? Oh, and it just rained a little. We are having such a dry year, that any little bit helps.


Lesa said...

You deserve a GREAT day! WooHoo!!

Kim said...

So glad that you are having a wonderful day! Now go get that lottery ticket....you could be swimming in money later...lol!

Aunt T said...

Wow - you'd better run out and get that lottery ticket! I'm happy that you've had such a great day.


Thanh said...

My back sounded like a bowl of rice crispies on steroids.

This sentence made me giggle. Im glad you had a good day, Tami - hoping that the rest of the week is like that as well.

James.hille said...

Congratulations!!! To be nominated 3 times for the rockin'girl blogger..Go and buy the lottery ticket..I wish you win the lottery..