Saturday, December 22, 2007

Blog Candy Winner & Update on Mom

Congratulations to Margo (flyingflower) who is the winner of my blog candy. I used a random number generator that picked #4, and she left the fourth comment. Please let me know what goodie from the shop appeals to you and I'll get it in the mail after the holiday, Margo. Thanks to everyone for taking time to look at the shop and offer your thoughts on it. I'm hoping to spend some time after the holiday to update it a bit.

For those friends who are inquiring about my mom's health, I thank you so much for your concern and good thoughts. She is still struggling, but is hanging in there. The doctor told her yesterday that this awful acute phase of her illness will last about 6 months. It's a long time to be so ill, but she is hopeful that we can go out to dinner on her birthday in late June. I'm so happy she is holding onto something to look forward to. She reminded me this morning that the rest of the world takes all the little things for granted. She would give anything to stand up and walk somewhere in a hurry. So, as you are rushing around with last minute holiday preparations, remember to be thankful that you can do them. It really is the little things that matter.


Alison Gibbs said...

Tami. How wonderful that your Mom has a goal to aim for. Her birthday in June is a fabulos goal to look forward to.
While you are busy running around and taking care of everyone else, make sure you take some time to relax as well.
Have a lovely christmas.

Kim H. said...

Nothing but happy thoughts for your mom and the rest of the family!

Yahoo for Margo! Way to go girlfriend!

Lesa said...

Oh how true....the little things. Wishing you and your family a love-filled holiday Tami. Hug your mom extra long and tight. Mom's are our very own personal angel full of unconditional love just for us! I hope this long road of recovery is not to hard on her and she finds some little joys along the way. XOXO

Sandy said...

So glad to hear Mom's workin her way to being on the mend---yes it will take a while but be thankful for all progress!

And by the way---I tagged you! Merry Christmas Tami!