Thursday, December 6, 2007

Still no cards....

I didn't fall off the face of the earth and my stamps are yelling at me, but I just can't help them right now. Mom is in a crazy roller coaster ride trying to get well. She spent most of last night in the ER getting her IV line cleared out and getting more treatment. I am in a bit of recovery mode myself today. My dermatologist wouldn't give me a pass this time, and took 3 places off my legs yesterday. One of them is a pretty big chunk out of the inside of my left knee. It's not in a good place as far as moving around goes. The stitches in that spot have been bleeding, so I know I'm not being still enough. So, I'm resting today, need to get to the recliner.

On a brighter note. Have you been reading Tim Holtz's blog? He's doing wonderful 12 days of Christmas tutorials. They are fabulous. I may have to make mine for Valentine's Day or Easter, but I'm gonna do them all as soon as life lets me. Also, I got an interesting request from a magazine today that wants to use something in my etsy shop for a photo shoot. Isn't that crazy? I'm waiting for more info. Life always surprises me in ways I just couldn't even guess.

And my dear sweet hubby brought me flowers and a thank you card for all I do for all of us. Isn't he the best. He told me that he didn't think anyone had thanked me lately and he wanted me to know how much he appreciates me. I think I'll keep him!I'm so glad he didn't bring me a puppy this time. Remember last time my life was a bit nuts he brought Mabel home. LOL


Kim H. said...

So sorry to hear your that you mom is still not doing well! More prayers and well wishes for her!

That is wonderful news on your etsy shop! What a sweet hubby you have! I real keeper :)

Alison Gibbs said...

Tami, that man of yours sure is a keeper.
It is hard to be still with so much going on in your life.
Hope things are improving for your Mom.
Take care.

Heather Grow said...

You are a trooper Tami, no doubt about it. God bless your family.

OldBagNewTricks said...

Tami, I am so sorry that between you and your mom the focus is on medical issues and situations. Eeek -- worse than car problems in my book. I am waving my magical wand for both of you. That your hubby seems to get it is no small thing -- even a puppy can be a fabulous distraction.

You're the Best,

Lesa said...

Poo. Life is not being kind to you or your mom this holiday season - health wise anyway. What a nightmare for your mom. Sorry you are sore but your DR knows best and if he says a patch of skin has to go then it goes!! My BF died of cancer that started on the bottom of her big toe. Healing hugs, prayers and positive thoughts coming your way~~~~~~~~And thank goodness you have a keeper of a husband! How sweet. Sounds like you have some positive things in your future - keep us updated regarding the mag and your Etsy shop.

Jennie Skaggs said...

Hi, Sorry to hear about your mom and I hope you are doing better soon too. Glad your dh showed his appreciation...that is so sweet. Sounds like he is a keeper. Thanks too for the tip on Tim Holtz. Jennie