Thursday, February 14, 2008

More thoughts on CHA

Cruising around the net this morning, I see that I missed so much at CHA. One day on the floor was so not enough. One of the places I missed was Kitchen Sink Stamps. I met Maria, the owner, at a fun cupcake party the night before the floor opened. She was just such a warm and wonderful person who is passionate about her work. I meant to stop by her booth to see the 3 step stamps she told me about. I never made it to the booth, but stopped by her site this morning. Oh my, you need to check out the samples in her galleries. Her acrylic stamps work on 3 or 4 steps to create the most amazing flowers. The roses and daisies are over the top.

I went by to see the Copic booth on one of my first stops of the day. Their supplies had not arrived, and the booth was nearly empty. So sad, but the demo was there with her own supplies. Michelle showed me this amazing Spica glitter pen. I am telling you that there is no other glitter pen out there like this one. It rocked my glittery world. So smooth and even and no clumping up. I meant to go back later to see if their supplies had arrived, but didn't make it. I'll be looking for these pens for sure.

I am also noticing lots of little things that came in my press kits that I just didn't have time to comb through while I was there. Did you know Pentel makes a clickable permanent marker? It works like a sharpie, but it clicks open like a pen. Such a handy little thing. The eyelet outlet has a really unique kind of eyelet. It attaches using a pen, no loud tools necessary. I love this adorable pink spray bottle that is about the size of a large marker called mist it by Inspired Crafts. Oh, and I got these amazing glue dots in a class...I know everyone has glue dots. But, I'll bet you don't have pop up glue dots. They are like glue dots on steroids. They are a mix between a pop dot and a glue dot. Very handy for attaching heavy things. There are these cool erasers called Moo that don't leave crumbs all over when you are erasing, just one smooth thread that is easily removed. I can see these will be helpful with colored pencil work.

I hope you aren't bored with all this yakking, but I want to share with you before I forget. I have a hot lunch date with my honey, and he's tapping his toes. Gotta run for now. Happy Valentine's Day.


Kim H. said...

OMG I am going to be broke...with all this new stuff you have me drooling over! I'm loving all the reviews!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope it is filled with lots of love!

Vicki Hook said...

I saw those eyelets that only take a pen to apply at the Heirloom Productions show last year in March. They looked really cool! I'm going again in a couple weeks, maybe I'll get some this time.

Love the "glue dots on steroids", LOL!

Heather Grow said...

I wonder if that mister is better than my minimisters that I killed the first time I used them. The glue dots sound awesome. Thanks for all the info.

liannallama said...

thanks for all the tips and previews--I love hearing from you!

Lesa said...

Wow - sounds so exciting and yes overwhelming in just one day. Next year we both go and stay 7 days!!! Happy V day to you and your family. hugs

Jennifer said...

Definitely NOT bored...just feeling a very big pinch in my pocketbook. YIKES!

~ Jennifer

Aaron and Jessica said...

Happy Valentine's Day Hope you had a great one!!


Dustin said...

OMG yep that pink Mist-It by Inspired crafts is to die for. It is really cute and my daughter is going to love it! Thanks for the share!