Friday, February 1, 2008

Stamping Fun

Take a peek over at 2peas stamping board this week. So many talented stampers are posting challenges and tutorials to help get the creativity rolling here in the depths of winter. I see two challenges posted already tonight and many more to come soon. The link above takes you to the master list of all the challenges. What a fun group it is over at the stamping 2 peas crowd. I've hosted challenges in the past, but am not able to this round. I'll just be playing along. Now, I need to get out there in the recycling bin to find a tyvek envelope to play with. And, I need to see where some cheesecloth is, that's for another challenge. See, I told you it would be fun.

It's been a good, busy day around here. I helped out at Mom and Dad's earlier. Then this evening I made a reservation to stay overnight at CHA next weekend. I've been perusing the amazing list of who will be there and trying to plan a strategy. I think the most important thing will be to have a couple pair of comfortable shoes and lots of water.

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Lesa said...

I am so jealous...CHA!!! Someday I will go and maybe hang with you too. :) Have fun!