Thursday, August 21, 2008

it's a wrap

We are going to school today to pick up Kyle's books and schedule. School starts Tuesday.'s been such a wonderful summer. We didn't take any big exotic trips this year. We purposely had a close to home summer. But wow what a fun time we had.

The photo above is a peek at Kyle's re-decorated room. It went from a green mountain lodge fishing type room to a tropical oasis. He chose most everything in the room with a bit of input from us and a lot of muscle power from me on the painting. Kyle did get in lots of paint time, too. Curtis made a stencil and painted in the Quicksilver logo there on the wall. It was a great team effort. Kyle's in this pic somewhere under the covers this morning as is Mabel. Shelly is the only one you can see in the photo.

We just returned from an overnight a Disney. I love the escape of going to Disneyland. We stayed until midnight and got up to open the park the next day. Some of our favorites include The Golden Horseshoe Saloon, Space Mountain, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Autopia. We love alot of the new attractions at California Adventure like Aladdin Show, Soaring over California, Tower of Terror, Bugs Life, and California Screamin'. It really is a magical place.

Curtis and Kyle got in 3 fishing trips and our freezer has at least 6 months of fish in it. We went white water rafting on the King's river. It was the first river my mom took me rafting on when I was a teen. What a wonderful full circle journey. Come to think of it the fishing is a full circle for hubby, too. He spent many hours fishing in his grandma's ponds as a boy. Maybe that's what made our summer so wonderful all around. We all got to act like kids again.

We also got in a quick trip to the Long Beach Aquarium. It was a beautiful day where my taller than me teen got excited about all the fish just like when he was little. Along with all of that there were some overnighter's at Grandma and Pacaw's house. Swimming, more fishing, the ice cream truck, and a baseball game filled in the rest. Curtis and I took a quick runaway trip down to the Laguna Arts Festivals for lots of inspiration and some much appreciated alone time. I can't imagine a better summer vacation.


Kim H. said...

Yippee sounds like an awesome time! Kyle's room totally rocks! Love it! Worth all those coats of paint! SMILE!

Ethel Amutan said...

Wow! You guys were sure busy packing in the last minute fun stuff before Kyle goes back to school! Would have LOVED to have gone to Disney before school started! It looks like Shelly was the only one who couldn't fit in under the covers, huh? Neat post, Tami!

christie said...

I love the color!! It's very soothing and relaxing. cute pic of the doggie too, reminds me of jiggs!!

Altered Route said...

I'm sending you a well deserved Award!

Thanh said...

The room looks fab, I love the colours he chose. The pup looks sooo cute and comfy.

Nancy Maxwell James said...

love the blue! I also love the poochie! I am sad to see summer ending - it means back to work and sending my son back to Iraq!