Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Background Fun

I have been playing around with backgrounds this week using glossy paper and distress inks. These are the two that have made their way into actual cards so far. I'm just using the inkpads directly on the paper and it's very forgiving. The combination of these inks and the glossy cardstock are a really fun. You can wipe with a tissue if you don't like what you get and it makes it blended and lighter. Try it out using different designs or ways of moving the inkpad around. The trick is to keep the ink moving. I like the streaks on the pink card. For that one I used worn lipstick, peeled paint, and fired brick. After getting the background looking the way I want, I then spritzed on a little water to age it further. I let them sit for a bit before stamping on the images.
And now for all the bargain info on these cards. The image on the blue card is by embossing arts and I picked it up at Gee Gee's in Carlsbad in the used stamp bin for $6. The image on the pink card is one of those my cousin sent me from the 10 cent bin at her local shop that I talked about a while back. And finally, the pink lace is from the spider bag at the thrift shop!


reflections:0) said...

I too have that Emboosing Arts co. Stamp... I love it they have been out of business for along time now and I just really miss them... I would go to there factory and sit in the seconds bin with my friend and pick stamps that where not that bad off... LOL

I just post a fathers day card with that stamp at 2peas... Check it out under reflections:0)if you would like another idea... I like what you have done with it as well...


reflections:0) said...

P.S. Also the mom to a Doxie, named Ruger...:0)

Julie said...

Pretty cards, Tami!