Sunday, July 15, 2007

Do you follow trends or do you have style?

I read a post at Angie's blog that really got me to thinking today. Basically there are so many new things out there, how to keep up and not become passe. I posted a response and I keep thinking about this topic. It applies to so many areas of life.

Do you have the latest i-phone, are you wanting the newest coach purse? I can honestly say that this is rarely me. I am so very happy stopping in the thrift shop for my weekly visit. Just this week I found the most elegant, classy alligator purse for $1. It needs to have just a little bit of repair, but is overall in excellent condition. I can't imagine any new purse providing me with such joy. It's the thrill of the hunt that gets me I think. There are a few things I always purchase shoes, all undergarments, and most electronics. Everything else is fair game, and is usually better if it has survived all these years.

I feel the same way with my stamps. I don't have bellas, paper trey ink, just johanna, house mouse, or any of the other rage stamps. I nearly fall out of my chair when I find a great old psx stamp. Oh, the psx botanicals are dreamy. I have nothing against all the latest stamps, but they are like most other things a passing fad. If they stand the test of time, I guess I'll pick some up used in a few years. When everyone was clamoring waiting for the new Stampin Up catalog to come out, I was standing by waiting to see what will be sold off as used that will work for me.

So, while I'm off recharging the batteries this week, leave me a little note. I'd love to hear where you are in this discussion. Are you waiting until the newly released set comes out so you can buy it, or do you sit back and wait to see which ones stand the test of time.


Julie said...

Coach- nope....Bella's nope...Stampin' Up- nope...iphone nope.... finding myself- yes. Learning to love what I make- absolutely. No bills....learning to live a simpler life. I like to hit the fleas...but don't find very much at Thrift stores.. No more "designer" luxury goods for me...but there are some left over from my old glamorous life.

Anne Marie Gross said...

I typically don't follow the trends, but I also don't sit around looking to see what's going to stand the test of time. I like to follow a rule I learned in decorating my home ...purchase a few things that really appeal to you on a gut level, and all those pieces will end up going well together. (My nature stamps will always be a true love, along with rich earthtone DPs.)

I pretty much do that with stamping supplies, but I did make an impulse purchase that I regret, and that's a few Basic Grey pads. They were my first adventure into non-SU DP, and all I saw was BG, BG, BG on blogs for a while, so I bought up a few packs. one of the 3 packs I bought ("Perhaps") just isn't me.

On the flip side, I think it's important to throw in a few unexpected pieces into your collection to stretch your creative style. If I didn't buy the Bellas, I might not have been open to Fluffles, who I absolutely adore! Those two stamp lines introduced me to whimsy, which is totally not me!

Aunt T said...

I don't typically follow trends. I'm usually a little late to jump on the current trend bandwagon! I like to let my idea take me where ever it wants. I'm all over the place with colors, styles, etc. When I work on a specific gift I try to keep their specific tastes in mind.


Heather Grow said...

I'm with you Tami. I'm a thrift store, Ebay, and garage sale girl. I love a bargain. And, I love repurposing things. I gave everyone in my family altered gifts last year. I agree with you about stamps too. I just buy what I like, or need, or think that I will need. I think that most of my stamps were either gifts or I bought them used.

shuggy said...

you already know my thoughts!!

flipflops4sherri said...

I am the complete opposite Tami and why is this? LOL I gotta have the latest Bella (althought I have toned way down due to shipping costs), gotta have the latest "toy" or "trinket", latest stamps ... yep this is me. Hopeless me!! LOL Can't wait to hear how your vacation went. Sherri

Jennifer said...

Tami, you and I think very much alike in many ways. I will admit that I have succumbed to some stamp trends (Bellas) but now I'm kicking myself for acting on a whim as they all are looking the same. I LOVE the flea market hunt and find.

I especially found this post to be refreshing to read that others feel as you do! :)

Kim said...

This is a great topic! I am not into the newest and upcoming things in any part of my life except for stamping. I teach classes, so I have to have the latest items or no one will be taking my classes! I have to learn and play with things to be able to teach others. But for my personal stamping...I love the vintage style, and have a great love for women stamps! For myself I only buy what I know I will use and love over the years. I actually find it amusing to watch people find something new and all of a sudden everyone and their dog has to own it too! I know that may sound rude, but it seems like people are losing their own taste in a way? I like to do my own thing with the exception of classes, that is for others! Hope this made a little bit of sense! lol