Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mom and I usually spend our Tuesdays together while my dad is golfing. Sometimes we go shopping or out to lunch and sometimes we do things at her house. Yesterday we spent our time sewing. I've had these three fabrics for quite a while waiting for a certain project. Each one made their own item, but the three things are the same.

We have the best time sewing and chatting and unsewing. You see anytime I sew something, there is always unsewing involved. If you sew, you know what I mean. It's those darned little mistakes that get me about sewing. It's not so bad when you are working together because it's about the time together as much as the project. I think we only had to unsew twice and one time I sewed a whole piece with no thread in the needle. That's not bad for a 4 hour stint.

I'll show you the finished projects tomorrow, but for today I'm wondering if you have any guesses about what we made.


runningonink said...

mmmmm not a clue what you ladies made but I love the fabrics!

Loobylou said...

Did you make Boardies? it is lovely summery fabric.
Now, I think I am wrong as you are heading into winter. Did you make Aprons?