Friday, October 31, 2008

virtual swap

My friend Jan is hosting a virtual swap. It's where the host sends you some stamped images and you make them into a card. The idea behind it is to see how others might use an image that you need some more ideas on. These are the two cards I made with the same image. The one on the left is colored with markers and lots of stickles applied. The one on the right has lots of distress ink smeared around on it. I love these kinds of swaps because it makes me work outside the box a bit. I don't think I ever would have done these things with this image unless I'd faced a challenge. The virtual part of the swap is that you don't mail anything out, just post your results on the web. Thanks for the fun swap, Jan.

In other news, I'm done voting. Made my picks on my absentee ballot and took it to the post office on Wednesday and kissed it goodbye. No need to watch the rigamarole now. I'm tired of it all. I thought I might post a friday funny, but Sandy did it for me. If you'd like a good laugh about the whole thing, go check out this post on Sandy's blog. Oh my did she give me a good laugh today. I don't think I could give up ketchup in favour of vinegar on my chips, but the rest doesn't sound nearly as bad as what we are dealing with at the moment.

I haven't yet opened the bags of candy meant for the trick or treaters tonight, but it's just a matter of time. Happy Halloween. Eat some chocolate for me!


runningonink said...

WOW this cards are gorgeous! I love them! CHOCOLATE YES NEED IT!

Far North said...

Wow wonderful things are happening for you!...Beautiful cards!,VOTING (me too, so I can leave town),and chocolate! Great day!

Traci G said...

love both your cards!! It's great how they're both so different from each other, yet they come from the same image. Great job!!

Jennifer said...

Tami, both are beautiful! I especially love the second card.