Monday, August 17, 2009

ahh, this is my life

Thanks for all the great comments on the lucy post. I'll fill you in on the trip, but first a little background. I've never been much of a camping girl. My dad is a retired fireman and spent his whole working life camping out at a fire line somewhere. So, we never had a camping vacation as a family. I went to girl scout camp and I camp when I white water raft, but that's about it. Both of those include somebody else cooking for me and are a rather cushy camping experience. I've been camping two other times with my dear husband, once before we were married and once when I was pregnant. Neither time went well. Our relationship and then later our marriage survived, but it was a tough call there while I was sleeping in a tent. I was really nervous about our RV adventure.

It was a bit of a rough start. No trees at the campground which means no shade. I need my shade. The brakes on the car don't stop when towing like they do when nothing is attached to the car. I nearly wore out my foot putting on the air brakes on the drive up. The teenager drank two Dr. Peppers and slept all the way up to the campsite. So, when we wanted to sleep he rolled around rocking the whole trailer. As I shivered in the middle of the night, hubby rolled over and I asked him to turn on the heater. "It doesn't work like that, I have to light a pilot light or something. I'll figure it out tomorrow." I'm cold now. In the morning I saw the thermostat right there next to the bed, pushed the lever and voila heat! Ok, so day 2 had to go better.

And it did. We had a lovely trip. Lots of family bonding time, meteor showers, campfires, smores, fresh trout cooked over the fire, hiking, rummy, laughter, relaxation, reflection, reading, knitting for me and fishing for the guys. I love that the guys fished right there next to the campsite, so I didn't have to join in, but could watch. Oh, and cows. We were in a grazing area and there were cows everywhere. It was pretty comical. They don't just moo, they make all sorts of crazy noises. So, mostly I didn't have the is this really my life moments on the trip. I surprised myself. I had the ahhh, this is my life moments. Love that.


Lesa said...

So glad it turned out wonderful for you. Love the bonfire photo. Moo!

runningonink said...

WOO HOO! I love hearing about your camping trip! We only camp at the farm in the cabin! So it is very easy! We have running water, refrig, stove- etc.... NO TV, but a phone!

Andi (RrlScrapGal) said...

Yeah!!! You survived!!!!! What a crack up about the heat... love the 'just flipped a switch':)

Karen said...

So glad that you had the 'ahhh' moments instead of what you feared you would have! :> I hear you on the shade thing....not only am I sensitive to the heat, so are both of my kidlets. I grew up camping and have done it in tents and in a Starcraft (roll the ceiling up and out pops the beds on either end) trailer. Hiking my first glacier at five is still a proud moment for me today (especially since I wouldn't be able to do that today!). My brother is an avid camper and doesn't understand what the point of a tent is and sleeps under the stars. I hope that one of these years Hubby and I start camping with our kidlets (just as soon as I'm sure that one of them wouldn't take off in the middle of the night!!! :>). Again, really glad you had a great time (as of day two) and hope this is the start of many more to come! :>

Mrs. Fence said...

So glad you had a great time, Tami! I loved reading your story and the pic was perfect. I love to camp on Mt. Katahdin. Daicy Pond has nice little cabins, very rustic. One gas light and a woodstove, two beds and a kitchen table and chairs. My kind of place! No phones, no electricity - just nature! It's the best!

Jennifer said...

Tami, I'm not a camping kinda gal. We did that 25 years ago when my kids were little. Now I prefer room service and hotel amenities. :)

BUT...reading of your experiences last week and seeing the great photo of your family and fresh trout and smores and the cows...oh I remember camping in cows grazing area too.......WONDERFUL.

For myself, even though no longer go camping, your post brought back some of the most wonderful memories I have with my children when they were young.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane. Share more. I'm so happy you had a good time.


Renu (midnitecreations) said...

I've never camped a day in my life nor ever had an opportunity to camp. I love how you detailed your story so well, I could easily imagine it all. So glad it was an Ahhh moment. What a wonderful moment that is!!