Thursday, August 6, 2009


I took a yoga class today. It was like coming home. I forgot how wonderful I feel when I practice yoga. Why the heck did I wait so long? I had to take a journey back a few years to find the answer. Back when I was a crazy full time working driving up and down the mountain every day person I started taking yoga. I was a mess from all the work stress that we don't need to go into here. Yoga was my oasis. It was the one thing I did for me and I felt so good there. In fact it helped me change my life. I finally stepped off the merry go round and quit working full time and all the commuting. For some crazy reason I stopped doing yoga. I was thinking that the stress was over, I needed to save money, and I didn't need it anymore. I went to Curves then for quite a few years for my exercise. It was fine and I stayed fit, but honestly I got bored with it. I've been pretty much without exercise other than walking the dogs for a few months now. I'm feeling lazy, feeling heavy, feeling tired. So, I really sat down with myself and asked what feels like play to me. Three things came to mind- yoga, swimming, cycling. I looked into where there were yoga classes near me. I decided to start in the one at the library for free. What a lovely experience. It was before the library opened and the yogi was so warm and welcoming. She calls it restorative yoga. Just what I needed. I'm so glad I got back to this good place. I can't wait for the next class. Namaste.


Anonymous said...

Oh it sounds so wonderful Tami! I have always wanted to try yoga, but maybe I am too fat to do it! YIKES!

Jennifer said...

That's great, Tami! My daughter and son-in-law are certified yoga instructors and they are constantly telling me how good I'd feel if I would take classes too. You may have just given me the kick I need!

Sue McGettigan said...

That sounds great Tami, good for you! It's so good to have some form of meditative exercise. I like tai chi for that, I come away feeling both energized AND relaxed, hope the yoga does that for you.

Thanh said...

Amen sistah! I practice yoga all the time (ahem, well not lately, but that is besides the point at the moment). But I love it and have been doing it for years. I know it is hard to go and do, but the feeling after the class is surreal. Keep at it!

christie said...

I took yoga for two years then stopped. I miss it a does my body. I was thinking I might try to get back into it.

The Artful Eye said...

I've been thinking about getting back to it myself. I also felt good when I was doing Yoga a couple of years back and it was free through Community Ed.

Now the classes can be pricey.

Ever try Bikram Yoga?

I might re-try some of my Rodney Yee dvds.

Good for you. I do swim too and enjoy it.

Hope you're well.