Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Happy May Day

May is such a happy month...spring is really here, the lilacs and dogwoods bloom, track & field events fill beautiful Saturdays, and Mother's Day arrives-which means breakfast in bed. It doesn't get any better than that. Oh, and the most important event in May~yard sale season begins on Memorial Day weekend! It is definitely an event. My mom comes up early in the morning, chocolate donuts in hand, and we get our small change before and the newspaper with the big map and just roll all day from treasure to treasure. We have the best time playing all day.

I just perused my blog and see there are hardly any cards here. I've been side-tracked lately with medical stuff. So, I've challenged myself to make a card a day in May. I hope to get my creative mojo going and inspire you with something new.


Julie said...

Happy May Day to you also! I thought I was the only one who remembered :)

hutch ink designs... said...

Happy May to you too! I love treasure hunting too1 In my area they have already started! YIPPEE!


Aunt T said...

Happy May Day! Garage sale'ing is an awesome sport! I hope you find many treasures this season!