Sunday, May 13, 2007

I Love Mother's Day

I love Christmas and 4th of July and all the other big holidays, but truly this is my favorite day. I love every single thing about Mother's Day. I love spending time with my mom and making a special card for her. I love the yummy breakfast my sweet hubby makes for us each year. This year it was french toast with fresh berries and crispy bacon. Yummy! I love that the dogwoods and lilacs are always in bloom. I love that the weather is warm and anything can be planted outdoors as soon as this day more cold snaps. I loved getting my tea served to me in bed this morning while I watched CBS Sundy Morning. I love that my sweet hubby cleaned the carpets for me on Friday which is what I asked for when he asked what I want for mother's day. I love that my guys sneaked away yesterday to the bird shop and picked out the loveliest hummingbird feeder for me even though I only asked for clean carpets.

Most of all I love that my son made me this beautiful card and yummy hershey's kiss rose. He came home each day secreting away little surprises this week, trying not to tell me what he had been making. I had a clue the day he came home with glitter on his jeans. There is something so sweet and fleeting about those little home-made gifts made in school for moms and dads. I have a whole drawer full of them that are true treasures. A big thank you to all the teachers who help our children honor mother's and father's day with beautiful little treasures. I hope you have a few treasures to bring you joy today.


OldBagNewTricks said...

Clean carpets AND handmade gifties AND a nice shiny new hummingbird feeder -- you hit the Mother's Day Motherlode!!!! Such a nice family. Clearly you are one smart mom.

Happy Mother's Day,

hutch ink designs... said...

WOW what a beautiful card your son made for you! I can't wait for mine to be in school and make me something!

So glad you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Oblique Angles said...

Your description of your Mother's Day festivities made my heart sing. I could taste that french toast with fresh berries and could smell the sweet scent of dogwoods and lilacs. What a lovely, loving family you have!

And thank you for your more-than-kind comments on my wee blog. I really, really try to be serious, but funny keeps getting in the way.