Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 4 of Evacuation

Well, it doesn't look like we are going home anytime soon. The fires are still burning out of control. Our home is there and doesn't look like that will change. People are getting a little nutsy to go back home, and I do understand that feeling. We are still staying with my parents, since they are so close to the mountain. When things change, we will be able to get home faster if we stay here. You can't even imagine how chaotic it was to get home after the fires 4 years ago.

So, we are just resting a bit today, which seems silly since we haven't done much this week. The waiting, worrying, and wondering is very tiresome. We have it much better than most. I am thankful that I don't have to stay in an evacuation center, that our dogs are here with us, and that we have a home to return to. The smoke in the air is much lighter today, so I actually went outside this morning. It's nice to get out and see some sunshine. Mom and I are going to a craft sale later today.


Kim H. said...

I can't even image what you are going though! So glad that you did not have to got to the evacuation center too!
Have fun with Mom at the craft sale! I have plans to do some crafting!

Ethel Amutan said...

Tami, Thank God you're all alright. I've been so worried about you. My cousin, Imelda, also evacuated. She's staying with her in-laws. Please continue to keep us up-to-date. I am so worried for you and your family.

GrammaStamper (Barb) said...

Tami, you've been in my thoughts more than a little of late. Glad you are with you parents and not too far from home. Please, stay safe. Good to hear from you, too.