Monday, October 22, 2007

Fire Update

We are all ok here. It seems like all of Southern California is on fire. A fire started this morning on the back side of Lake Arrowhead, not far from Kyle's school. School is cancelled today and friends in that area are being evacuated. We are on the other side of the lake, near Rim of the World High School. The car is packed and we are ready to leave if needed. Don't worry about us, we won't wait until the last minute. Hoping all my So. Cal. friends are safe today.


Julie said...

Same to if you need anything.

Kim H. said...

Sending happy thoughts and many prayers your way! Stay safe, my friend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Tami, so glad you are all safe. Homes, if need be can be replaced, not so with people. You are all in my prayers. Glinda