Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just a bit of stamping

I am trying to get the stamping bug back, but it's slow going. Here is some real basic stamping just to get ink on the stamps.

Too much sadness around here. Yesterday there were two families in the post office while I was there who had lost everything. It's very humbling.

On a much lighter note. Ellen made me laugh out loud yesterday. Do you watch her show? I hardly ever remember, since that's usually a busy time of the day around here. But, with school out all week, I watched her yesterday. She had Obama on her show and in the opening she did this whole thing about politics. She said she doesn't really follow them much, she likes her politics like she likes her men. Isn't that hilarious. I had tears rolling from laughing so hard. Later in the opening she did a thing about how she's had 3 democratic candidates on her show now, but none of the republicans have accepted her invitation. So, she is offering a basket of Halloween candy as an incentive. She said there are snickers, red vines, and all the good candy in there, but she took out the Mike and Ike's because she knows they don't like things like that. Hilarious....maybe it's on a clip on youtube by now. It's probably funnier if you actually watch it. It made my day a little happier. Thanks Ellen.


Kim H. said...

Very cute tags!

Debbie said...

Cute tags. I wish I had seen that Ellen show. I just love her!